We’re a Wellness company based in Orlando FL.

About us

We’re on a mission to providethe highest quality CBD at affordable prices.


As a husband, son, and father, family has always been the most important thing in my life. I come from a large family that stretches across India, Pakistan, and America. We looked after each other growing up. We took care of each other in times of health or sickness, strength or pain.

At a trade show in 2018, I stumbled upon a CBD seller and learned about the healing properties of CBD oil. I picked up a bottle, unsure of its effectiveness. I thought little of it until I heard my elderly mother complaining of terrible pain in her knees. Remembering the CBD bottle, I gave it to her in hopes that it could help. To my delight, she told me her pain had been dramatically reduced. I got her more oils and balms, all of which she loved.

The effectiveness of CBD seemed remarkable to me. Having been raised to care for people, I wanted to share this with others. So, in 2019, I founded Maha CBD with the goal of sharing the benefits of CBD to those who need it.

“Maha” is an ancient Sanskrit word that can be translated to mean greatness, strength, and abundance. It is the qualities we seek to embody at Maha CBD. Our CBD products are made from organic, natural hemp grown under sunlight, not a heat lamp. Processed and bottled here in the USA, we take pride to ensure the meaning of “Maha” is exemplified in every step of the process. Before any of our products are sold, we make sure a third party that determines quality and accuracy tests them. We take quality seriously— our third party testing makes sure no bias impacts the quality of our products.

It is my hope that those new to CBD can discover its natural benefits, and those familiar to CBD can find a product that best suits them. I encourage everyone to try this nature-made oil to experience the greatness of “Maha” for themselves.

As always, thank you.


Farhan Khan